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I have a 2006 Chrysler T&C Touring. About a year ago, a portion of the center console backlites went out. they are the following

Left 1/2 of the climate control section lites
the Front Blower dial
1/2 of the rear blower dial
the wiper and defroster switch
and the lites on the temp slide buttons.
Also the backlites for the Headlite switch
and the mirror adjustment switch on left side of steering wheel

I cant remember if the ignition switch had illumination to it, but if so, that is out as well.

I took it to a dealer and their response was that the 2006 modesl did not lite up on the drivers side of the console. IT was all i could do to stop from laughing at that ridiculousness of that statement. But took them at there word. I still had an extended warranty at that time that covered electrical

I have read previous posts about dash/guage lites going out and have pulled the IOD and BCM fuses, but that doesn't seem to work.

Any thoughts.


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The headlight and mirror adjustment switch was never back lighted. The rest are lighted, I would go to a different dealer for assistance.

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there used to be a good thread on how to take the center console apart and change the bulbs, but I can't get it via search (either archived or ?)..
maybe someone has a link to it and will post.

Anyhow, it's not hard if you are handy - you have to take the basel/trim off the center console and remove the HVAC controls, than it's a vew torx screws and you can gain access to the circuit board the the bolbs are soldered (either desolder the old and solder the new or take it to a hobby/electronics repair place and they'll do it for you)

never mind, here's the link
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