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I have a few issues going on with the 99 Caravan that don't seem to add up correctly, so I'm looking for some guidance. Here are the symptoms/facts:

Fresh plugs and wires - general tune up done by garage
Van ran great for a week following, now rough cold idle and stutters under acceleration
No CEL on dash

Ongoing coolant issue:
Van will on occasion puke coolant when running or after running - can't seem to find the source and don't see "spraying" anywhere, its just comes from underneath the front of the pass side under the radiator/condenser area
Van does NOT overheat or show hot on the gauge
Heat works just fine as does the A/C - lesser when sitting, nice and cool when moving
Fans kick on just fine when it heats up
Tried parking on an incline and "burping" the system
Symptoms and go randomly - some days the radiator and overflow are filled just fine, one day radiator is full and overflow empty, another day both radiator and overflow are half empty
Oil is fine and NOT milky

Just not sure what the cause may be or how to repair. Random symptoms don't seem to add up to one definitive cause and odd to me that no overheating or CEL thrown.

Any help or advice is appreciated ... I will get under it today and check that I don't have a loose plug on the backside of engine and will look for leaks as well. I just purchased a new radiator cap and will install that too.

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A radiator leak on the top part will cause it to leak mainly after engine shut down.

Fill radiator up to the top with engine running, wait a couple of minutes and add coolant as needed, then install radiator cap and allow engine to warm up, your radiator should leak until coolant levels out with the radiator leak. Then, if you shut down the engine, radiator would leak again.

Since recovery bottle coolant level is up-down, I don't believe you have a radiator cap, recovery bottle or recovery line problem.

Diagnosis: Radiator leaking on the upper part.

Solution: Replace radiator.
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