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Don't like getting corrosion protection done on a rainy, damp, day. 🌈☔

The 2016 DGC had a Krown corrosion protection experience on the 29th. After discounts and promotions, it was $125.00 plus tax.
Taillight assemblies were unbolted, hanging down, and product sprayed inside panels, through predrilled 1/2" diameter holes, using a 4' long metal wand.
Wiper blades were covered up.
All weatherstripping was silicone sprayed.
Plugs were removed from all previously drilled access holes (1/2" diameter).
All previously drilled access holes were lubricated with silicone grease.
Engine bay was sprayed.
Inside of panels was sprayed.
Underbody was sprayed including in holes everywhere.
The proper equipment, standard issue by Krown, was used for each purpose, not one spray attachment does it all.
Vehicle was washed, quick waxed, wheels cleaned and tires shined.
Received a "free" can of Krown aerosol spray (for under arms). :).
I watched it all and learned a lot from the Mechanic, who is also a certified Krown Instructor (and an actual practicing Mechanic as well). I don't think anybody does it better. (y)

Krown video:

Fluid Film video:

Corrosion Free video:

Rust Check application:

Wondering about electronic corrosion protection? Up to 80%?

More here about Krown application:

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The elephant in the room is the dogleg area.
As I will show in my other thread, I don't think it's possible to get fluid in there, but I'd love for you to tell us how Krown gets their compound in there.
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