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Is the Pacifica worth paying like 15k more than a Town & Country

Differences between 2013-2016 Chrysler Town and Country?

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Me and my wife are very interested in buy a 2013-2016 Town and Country. i've been doing alot of looking and im basically trying to find out if theres any major differences through the years. I don't really care about differences in the frilly stuff, just the engine, suspension, things like that. i'm finding a huge price difference between the 14-15 and i can't figure out why. a friend said it had to do with the year and that banks don't want to deal with 14's but they will put out for a 15. i found a 14 with 78k miles on it for 8.5k$ then a 16 with 93k miles for 13k$. not just these two specifically but across like 6 months of sales at the auction.

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2014-15+ will have the better brake package.
It will have the updated oil cooler design that is less prone to failure.
It will have the updated rocker design that is less prone to failure.

Price has a lot more factors to it than just year/miles.
What package the van is.
Any accidents.
Maintenance records.
All affect price.

I understand cost is a concern, but I would be more concerned with the PO of the van.
My rule of thumb on any of these vans:
1. Buy it under 30k miles so the PO hasn't had enough time to do any irreversible damage.
2. Buy it with full maintenance records so I know it's been well cared for.
3. Buy it so dirt cheap I can afford to go through and fix everything the PO wrecked.

The only given with these vans is that they haven't been taken proper care of, unless there are records to prove otherwise.
You want to see oil changes every 4-5k miles. Transmission service every 30-50k. No use of ECON mode. Cooling system service w/thermostat every 60-80k. Coils/plugs well under 100k. If these things haven't been done, walk away.
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Hi. Your advice makes solid sensé. I bought, one month go, a 2016 t&c with 100 kms, or 60 k miles. One owner since new, not much for service records, or CARFAX. What would transmission service be? Last time I changed trans fluide, (2007 caravan) I got a chudder out of the deal. Scared to go near à transmission, but I guess it should be looked at soon. Same for cooling ? Is the econ mode à bad thing ? My major problem is... New tires, shimmy after 3 balancing jobs. Going to service brakes next. Suggestions welcomed !
1. If you got shudder after doing a trans service, it's likely you either used the wrong fluid, filled to the wrong level, or your transmission was already on it's way out. The transmission fluid/filter should be changed every 60k miles MAX. It uses only ATF+4 fluid.

2. Cooling system should be serviced with a new thermostat every 80-100k, or you can wait for the thermostat to fail on you and leave you stranded with an overheated engine.

3. ECON mode has been noted to destroy these transmissions. Some will claim it's no issue, yet others need transmissions well under 100k miles while using it.

4. The shimmy can be a number of things. Chances are it's still a balance issue, but improper lug torque, failure to clean the mating surfaces of the wheel/hub, a 'warped' rotor, or a bad tire can all cause it as well.
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