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Is the Pacifica worth paying like 15k more than a Town & Country

Differences between 2013-2016 Chrysler Town and Country?

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Me and my wife are very interested in buy a 2013-2016 Town and Country. i've been doing alot of looking and im basically trying to find out if theres any major differences through the years. I don't really care about differences in the frilly stuff, just the engine, suspension, things like that. i'm finding a huge price difference between the 14-15 and i can't figure out why. a friend said it had to do with the year and that banks don't want to deal with 14's but they will put out for a 15. i found a 14 with 78k miles on it for 8.5k$ then a 16 with 93k miles for 13k$. not just these two specifically but across like 6 months of sales at the auction.

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I bought a 13 Limited with all the options except no Sunroof and No 3rd row power seats, good luck finding one of those but to me these options are the ones I dont want to deal with when they go bad, Flooding the interior with the sunroof and the 3rd row stuck when you need to move the seats. I have read enough stories on these things failing so it was a no go for me.

Find yourself a 13-up say a Limited trim or at least a Touring L and as long as it's got good maintenance history, low rust levels, and cleanish engine compartment its a good to go. Most of the failure points are DIY doable and you should not be afraid of the repairs. With a simple tool kit, I am able to replace quite a few items on the van without needing a lift. Recently did a front wheel bearing took me 40min on the driveway with a few hand tools. Shops will easily charge you 500+ for that stuff.

If you are gonna go to the dealer for every repair then no van will be cheap to own, not even Honda and they are known also for their transmissions going out like no other almost worse than the T&C and all due to lack of oil changes.
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