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Disabling the ABS

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I am having an ABS issue where I can feel the system working when I am on dry pavement as if it is sensing a slip. After about 5-10 mins of driving the ABS light will come on and the system stops trying to work. It drives fine after the light comes on, I assume because the ABS system has given up trying to work.

I am thinking that a sensor is bad, but on visual inspection of all sensors and leads with the wheels off I can’t find anything.

I have a lot of time before the winter comes and I will need the ABS system. Is there a safe way that I can disable the system until I have time to track down the problem?

Thanks in advance.

2003 Dodge Grand Caravan
4 Wheel Disc Breaks
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no fix yet

There's a lot of variables for ABS failure. 4 wheel speed sensors, HCU, CAB and much more. Until someone actually puts a scanner to this vehicle, we can all continue to speculate. But disabling the ABS really doesn't affect braking. It would be no different than having a van that didn't come with abs.
I tested all four speed sensors according to jgiurleo's post:
It was a super helpful link, but I didn't find the problem. The specs weren't exactly the same, but their was always a 1 volt fluctuation between on/off.

Is my only next option the dealer ship for the ABS codes? I am broke right now. I need to drive to Maine from Minnesota and I can't afford a lot of work. I know that I won't hit ice this time of year. I am going to try and pull fuses to disable the ABS system. The van runs great as long as the ABS isn't trying to work when it shouldn't.

I think that the Chrysler Dealership in my area is belly up.


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First cheap check is any mud, debris in the gear like part of the axle that the ABS reads from, clean it and see if that improves. Look for ground connections to the system, plug and unplug things checking for corrosion. Free stuff. Check a worn wheel bearing, could cause erratic operation I suppose. Hope that helps.
After I tested all the sensors with a multi-meter (and they check out OK) I cleaned the sensors, added dialectic grease to the connectors, and reassembled. The system is better than before, as in I don't feel the ABS trying to work all them time when I put on the brakes, but it tries to run 30% of the time and eventually the light comes on the the system stops trying to work. Of course then the van drives fine.

After looking at the price I am not about to by a DRB-III scan tool. What do you guys think about the Actron CP9449 scan tool? Would that do the trick? My van is one of the covered models.

I believe that it hooks up to the OBDII port. I have also been looking at a laptop based solution. There are lots of softwares that read engine codes via the OBDII port. Does any computer software read ABS codes?

Thanks for all of your input!
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