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I had a good mechanic fix my passenger side sliding door last August, it was the latch assembly. He did all kinds of diagnostics (time/$) to figure this out. The driver's side wouldn't fail reliably, so we left it alone. A couple of weeks ago, with the help of this forum, I fixed a power window regulator and the rear liftgate so I figured I'd tackle the now-failing driver's side sliding door.

After reading all the posts, I decided it must be the wiring harness, so I ordered one but it was the wrong one so I pulled out the old one to make sure I got the correct one. Use the original part number or the new one may have the wrong connector. I broke a plastic bracket on the old one so I was committed to a new one but on inspection I found no break in the wire. Oh well, it was a nice sunny day so I went and got the right harness and swapped it in. Success! Door worked perfectly.

Two days later it stopped working.

Read the posts again and some people report the problem is worse in cold weather.

I just went out (it's cold this morning) and sure enough, it doesn't work.

I got a hair dryer and warmed the latch from the outside for a few minutes. It works again.

I believe there is a sensor in there that is failing when cold.

It would have been pretty easy to rule out the harness with an ohm meter.

Incidentally, I recommend

MikeR ('01 T&C)
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