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Some of you may remember me, I had the 2002 T & C with the leaking axle seal that many of you helped me learn to change.

Well that van finally gave it up (

Well in May I bought a 2006 Caravan because I know it well and I like the van style vehicle (it's an extra vehicle, not our primary) . It has 171K miles with no problems. I've had it for 4 months now with no issues except for 1. Yes, the same issue. But it appears that the leak is around the axle seal holder and not from the axle seal itself. When I looked underneath during my pre-inspection buying, the seal holder had RTV sealant around the it. It did make wonder, but the van was only $2k and in very good shape otherwise.

It appears the previous person who did the job, did not put enough sealant around the seal holder before installing and then tried to seal the leak on the outside with RTV, but that has not worked. It is not leaking out of the axle seal, but from the interface of the differential and seal holder.

So, yes, I became an expert at taking the driver side axle out and replacing the seal (did it 4 times, but I could not get the leak to go away...there must have been something else going on).

But based on that experience, I'm a bit gun shy to tackle this in fear of making it worse. I'm on the fence of doing it my self or taking it into a shop.

If I do it my self, should I just redo the RTV or change the seal/axle once I'm in there. From the Carfax report, it says the CV joint was replaced in 2016 at 135K miles, I'm assuming that work was done then. The axle looks sort of new.

Thank you

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I would change the seal and try one with out any rtv. I would also look at the seal's metal housing and see what color it is, on, national is red and SKF is blue, and would get the opposite of what is on it currently.

I would also suspect that who ever changed the seal last time damaged the bore on the trans housing and might need some more creative repair help like a gasket or an o-ring that fits the diameter of the seal lip that will compress between the trans housing and the lip of the seals outer diameter to eliminate the adhesion issue of the rtv.

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Any pictures? Nothing to do with the boot clamp?
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