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I have a 1996 Dodge grand caravan with ~130k miles. It was running fine until 3 weeks ago where it wouldn't crank. Battery was a month old. It was odd that the OEM alarm would sound at wierd hours to where I had to disconnect the battery. I finally scanned for fault code and its showed "driver squib circuit open".

I googled this and found that there is a recall relating to the springs inside the airbag or whatever. I've got an appointment with the Dodge dealer in a few weeks this August 2022 (gotta to tow the car there) for the dealer to do the recall on that part. I hope they don't ream/charge me for troubleshooting the car not starting.
However, I don't know if this driver squib circuit being "open"/short can stop the car from cranking? I guess it would make sense when in an accident, the car airbags deployed then it would cut off any attempt to start the car, correct?

I'd appreciate any advice on if this "squib circuit" being opened has caused the car not to start.

Thank you.
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