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Dvd changer issue

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So I've got an interesting issue with my cd/dvd changer. I put in a disk, selecting position 6 and the disk wouldn't load. I got it to eject and saw some debris on the cd. Cleaned it back up and put it back in but it won't load. If I don't have a disk in position 6 I can't select the radio, cd player, or anything else until I put in the disk. If I try to move to a different disk it won't switch, so I can't even get the other disks out. I had no issues until this time.

When a disk is in position 6, the position 6 light just flashes.

Anyone have any suggestions of what to do to either get it working or get the other disks out?
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those 6 dvd changers are problematic and they don't like power/battery disconnect as when the are reconnected to battery power they have to cycle thru all 6 disc locations which if done repeatedly leads to changer failure

If you get another one 2 tips
look for the part numbers starting P05094033 and P05094031 ending in AC as these will play CDR with MP3 songs AA and AB will not (versions start AA then AB then AC then AD ect and not untill AC did they add MP# playback)
you can use one from a pacifica 05-08 with the rhomboid face if you swap to your oval face from your unit
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