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Easier Swaybar bushing Replacement

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Here’s two tools to help make swaybar bushing replacements faster:

Go to Harbor Freight, and buy:
1. Panel Clip pliers, #67399. If you have tired or weak hands, these things work awesome for opening up the sway bar bushings, then you can stick them around the handle end of a hammer for awhile to let them open up. Makes installation a lot easier. These pliers are also very handy when removing the plastic shield in the passenger wheel well when working on the serpentine belt / accessory area.
2. Seal puller #35556. This is great for removing the old bushings – just hook them and pull!

Other notes while I’m at it:
1. Skip the cheapo brand end links. The Advance Auto Driveworks bushings as of 2014 are junk – very wimpy ball joints. In addition, the lock nuts were actually regular nuts squished FROM THE TOP with two punches, not sideways like regular locknuts were. They were so distorted I couldn’t get a socket on the nut without grinding the outsides of the nuts where they had mushroomed, and then the nut was so deformed that it about killed the threads when I tried to install it.
2. Be aware that it looks like Moog is between suppliers on their K7258 end links. One I got had hex fittings on the stud and it was a good piece. The other had square fittings, and the grease fittings did not thread properly into the ball joint. ALWAYS grease the end links before you install. Period.
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Grease fittings on the sway bar links for my 2002 GC. One link has been on for many years and the other for about 3 years. They work well and get lubed every oil change. Nothing special about them, likely made in China.
Note: The grease fitting on the sway bar end should be pointed to the rear and NOT toward the axle.

MOOG should provide better links than that. Maybe somebody made a switch of product on a return. Switching happens, always check the contents.
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