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Hi Folks and dear friends of the minivan;)

I have an obscure problem with my Voyager:

The coolant temperature (according to OBD) does not match the real value by far. (when the real value goes over 22 degree Celsius)
I drove the car, everything was fine. Turned off the car to grab a snack and when I returned and left the paking lot i noticed that the coolant temperature gauge had dropped to "cold". CEL was not on.
Test device connected to OBD and coolant temperature read:
The displayed value with ignition on run but engine put on was 22 degrees Celsius.
When you start the car, the value "jumps" between 22 degrees and 35 degrees every now and then.
I immediately thought that after 23 years the coolant temperature sensor had probably failed.
The problem is, that the car, when the warmed up, is running much to fat so that i would stall out if i go into gear. once it stalls it wont start until you applie full throttle. Then it missfires and i hard to keep running.

So I ordered a new sensor and installed it afterwards.
Unfortunately, the problem was not resolved.
The sensor readings during warm-up are plausible.
Starting position was -1 degrees Celsius.
Until about 22 degrees, the error seemed fixed.
Suddenly, the value jumped from the current value to a higher one. (for example: from 8 to 23 degrees and then back again)
To describe it better:
I Start the car.. reading is -1 Degree Celsius
then it goes a little something like this:

up to 22 wher it seems to stop.

Well, I thought, then it coud be just a harness problem.
The wiring harness of the injectors, where the MAP sensor and the ECT sensor are within, was taken out and checkd.
since i found no fauly harness there i checked other Engine-bay wiring harness, I noticed no fault neighter.
So everything reassembled and checked connection from the PCM (ECU) to the sensor.
All connections good with ~ 0.6-0.8 ohms resitance.
The 5V voltage supply is going right to the sensor.
Ground is also good.
Now my thought was: Hey, maybe the newly ordered coolant temperature sensor is not quite right.
so i ohmd it out and since i wasnt quied within the specifications i decided i replace it again.
So i orderd a new one. Brand new MOPAR.
Unfortunately that did not bring the desired success.
the only thing i coud think about now ist the the PCM a.

But I have never seen such an error and can not find any other explanation.

Maybe you guys can help me out?
Please share your wisdom!

Looking forward to your answers;)

Best Regards
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