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We have a Chrysler Minivan Limited 2001 Model which has still low mileage 79K
and it's check engine light is on for last several months.
While the code is referring to Transmission, we don't see any issue with transmission, car is running smooth as well.

As per recommendation we changed transmission fluid and filter and reseted the engine check light but came back on again.
Before the transmission fluid the codes were P700 and P725 and after the transmission fluid/filter change code 740 showed up as well.

Any help/tip or pointer is greatly appreciated.

This is a great forum, and I was able to fix a blower issue before from the forum advice.


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P0725 engine speed input - input turbine speed sensor/crank sensor?????????
P0740 TCC solenoid circuit - TCC solenoid valve or connection????????????

Tough to say for sure when everything still works just fine. May be false codes. Might need to have the TCM reprogramed. Could check connections at the TCM and sensors for security and corrosion. Disconnect the battery before you disconnect/reconnect the TCM.
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