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Hi all.

I've been lurking here on and off since buying a used 08 Grand Caravan SXT 3.8 back in June of this year. On the whole I'm fairly happy (we were looking at T&C's but ended up having to make a fast decision to buy something in one afternoon after our Olds Silhouette died 2 days before a long-distance family trip...)

Anyway, I've had problems with the infamous ESP/BAS from about week 2 or 3 of ownership. I've tried everything I've read that a non-mechanic with limited experience could try, from the side-to-side steering wheel rotate/restart to several switch replacements. Today I put a Mopar switch in again to replace the Duralast which in turn replaced a BWD which replaced whatever was there when I bought it. I generally get both the ESP/BAS and Traction Control lights, but sometimes get the Check Engine at the same time. OBD2/CAN codes sometimes show P0571 and sometimes P0573.

I had a local mechanic run a scan today both before and after replacing the switch. Each time he said it showed that the switch was faulty. He put another Mopar one on and that showed exactly the same (so that made 4 replacement switches in 6 months, each one showing the same fault). The standby trick of wiggling the wires around the switch at the brake pedal didn't change any readings or any results.

For extra info - wheel sensors, clock spring and bulbs all check out fine. There are no odd noises and the brake lights & turn signals all work as normal, it's just that these dash lights and the lack of Cruise Control are annoying me like **** (I just proof-read this. H.e.l.l. is censored? Really?). Is there anything else I could check?

Thanks in advance!
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