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Excessive pressure in coolant system

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I have a 2002 Dodge grand caravan, 3.3 engine. 137,000 miles. The problem started 2 years ago when top radiator hose blew off going down highway. Filled coolant system back up and put a screw type clamp on hose. From time to time the hose would be very tight and system still was pressured even from setting overnight and would have to occasionally add coolant. This finally cracked the radiator neck and I had to replace it last week. All hoses, radiator cap,thermostat are new and water pump is not leaking and jetting water through radiator just fine. I have had to continually pour coolant everyday in radiator for the past month, even now after new radiator. The system is getting so pressurized that the cap is letting the pressure overflow into the reservoir and so much is being released that it is overflowing and blowing on the highway. The drivers underside is wet with coolant and the top hose is tight, even a day and a half setting. From what I have read I have had a suspicion that the head gasket is bad and exhaust gases are entering the coolant system thus forcing the coolant out. The system has been tested cold and hot and no leaks detected. So at this point I am sure this is a terminal situation and it is definately a bad head gasket. I have to add 1/2 gallon of coolant every day just for short trips to work. Would someone please confirm that this is the problem. If not, what else. I cannot afford to continue to waste expensive coolant every day and the vehicle is not worth a $3000 repair.
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Was there any resolution to this???

Did anyone resolve this issue? It appears to have stopped abruptly with no solution found. Was this a coolant return bottle issue or head gasket issue?
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