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Fix to Sliding Door – Power Lock Door Actuator

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I have ‘01 T&C LXi. I have power sliding door. Among many problems with doors on this minivan, one of the problems has been resolved. My driver side sliding door lock has not been working for some time. I can manually lock and unlock by pushing and pulling the lock but could not with the power lock buttons.

There is a thread that describe this problem and solution in the forum which were very helpful. Following write up is more optimized version with some more information. I hope you find this to be a complete source for fixing the power door lock problem.

Problem: Would not lock/unlock using power buttons.

Solution: Actuator is the problem. Either replace the lock actuator module or replace small motor inside the lock actuator.

Help Link:

Actuator Part Number: 1-04717961AB or 04717961AB
- OEM: $172-Retail, $106-ebay
- Rockauto: $40 + S

Motor Part:
- Mabuchi Motor FC-280PT-20150
- Will find one at ebays for about $6.

Buying Door clips for the Sliding Door for Less
- Dealer charges $3.45 each with part number 6505292AA
- Part number is 19386 and you will also be able to purchase this at ebay, $8.20 for 25 clips.

Replacement of Actuator
1. Tools Needed: multimeter, torx driver, + & - driver
3. There is a small shaft inside the door. Make sure the shaft is in the actuator arm slot. This will allow the manual door button to work.
4. After installing the actuator, test and make sure the power lock works.
5. When installing the panel, line up the top of door first, then would your way down to avoid breaking the plastic clips.

Replacement of Motor inside the Actuator
1. Take the actuator apart to replace the motor. There are 5 torx screws to remove. Motor Label says: FC-280PT-20150.
2. Lift out the motor from the actuator. Careful not to alter the larger gear as the large gear is spring loaded.
3. Take the gear off from old motor by wrapped my little gear up with some small pieces of duct tape to prevent any damage and pried it off.
4. Place the motor on a vise and gently, slowly and straight as possilbly push the gear onto the shaft. The gear on the new motor took a little more effort than removing.
5. Place the motor into the acuator assembly & button it up.
6. Reinstall the actuator. Make sure the rod (that you cannot see that ins inside the door) is in the door lock slot and the electric pulg in.
7. Try the power lock and make sure it functions.
8. For pic of motor inside the actuator
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