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Fix to sliding door (w/ power option) hard to open/close, manually

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I have ‘01 T&C LXi. I have power door options. Among many problems with doors on this minivan, one of the problems has been resolved. My passenger side sliding door is hard to open/close, manually. Whenever the manual operation is initiated, it is hard to pull and the door would make bad grinding noise. I grease up the bottom portion of doors and gears, it seems to help but with no avail.

Finally, I did some search on this forum “sliding door hard open” and found solution to the problem.

Problem: Sliding door is hard to open/close, manually.

Solution: Cleaning the clutch on the power window motor with following steps.
1. Remove the Interior Door Panel.
a. Pull out the rear upper first.
b. Pull around the panel.
c. Peel of the black moisture cover.
2. Test the Door Pull with flex drive disconnected.
a. Remove “E” clip off of flex cable going into the motor.
b. Remove flex cable from the motor.
c. Manually slide the door back and forth, if move easily then the problem is clutch.
3. Take the Motor out
a. Unplug the connector.
b. Take pliers and pull out four white nylon retainers.
4. Clean the Clutch.
a. Unplug the connector.
b. Take four black torx screws out to isolate clutch portion.
c. Clean the gear area with brake cleaner spray then re-grease gears.
d. All other area beyond is clutch area. This area should be clean dry and grease free.
5. Reinstall the motor, flex cable, “E” clip then the panel.

Part (see attached photos) Auto part Automotive window part
Automotive window part
Product Automotive window part Cylinder Metal

- Power Sliding Door Motor (w/Clutch)
- Flex Drive Cable and “E” Clip.

Forum Search – “sliding door hard open” – Power motor clutch is gummy causing the problem.
- Clutch, gummy Post #1 & #5
- Posting #4 suggests to take the motor out to clean & grease the clutch plate:
- Due to clutch sticking in the slider drive motor (under interior trim) - usually caused by oil from reduction gears finding its way down into dry clutch cavity.
- Posting #2 also suggest to clean the motor clutch:
- Post #4 found the solution for both HARD PULL & POWER DOOR problem:
- Post #6 & #10
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