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Fixing power seat problems

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i’ve seen this suggestion buried in a few posts about power seat problems but thought it worthwhile to mention it here in a separate post. I just finished fixing my power seat problems. (Recline switch did not work at all and seat would move forward, but not backward. Memory switch WOULD move the seat backwards, and recline as necessary to move the seat to its remembered position) It turned out that the problem was dirty contacts in the power seat switch connector. When I cleaned them, it restored all functions in the power seat. If my problems reoccur, that will be one of the first things I will check. You may wish to do the same If you have a problem. There are a couple good videos on YouTube, explaining how to remove that switch on a 2013.
I’m sure that won’t be a cure for everyone and it took me several hours to find the problem on mine but it’s a relatively easy, inexpensive fix if it works.
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