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My '08 Grand Caravan (127K miles) will not shift out of park until the radio and clock lights turn on. The gear shifter button will not depress and the radio has no power / will not turn on. Typically it means waiting 20-30 seconds, then these dash lights come on and the gear shifter will then work. The problem has been getting worse. It also seems to get worse as the weather gets colder. I have tried turning the car off and re-starting it. That sometimes works. Today it took 10 minutes (after turning it on and off a dozen times) until the radio lights went on and I could move the car. Once it engages it's fine unless the car sits for a few hours.

Most simlar problems I've read about seem to relate to the gear shifter / cable but this seems to be related to the electrical system; Once the radio and clock illiminate, the gear shift button depresses and it shifts fine.

Generally, I have not had any possibly related issues except:
1) The colder it gets, the more jerky and slipping the transmission is when it first runs from a cold start. This resolves itself in a few minutes. It's been like this for years.
2) The screw on the gear shift handle came loose a few years ago. I re-tightened the screw and it was fine.

I know if I take it to a local mechanic it will take hours and hours on clock to figure this out and will cost too much.
...anyone have the same issue???
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