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Hit a bump and doors lock, dome light flashes and door chime sounds

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Greetings all. New to the forum, hoping someone has had this problem before.

1999 T&C Lxi w/3.8L

At apparently random times, while driving the van, we will hit a bump and the door locks will click down, the dome light will flash and the door chime will sound. It may be related to moisture as it may happen more after it rains, but I haven't paid close enough attention to that to be sure. I know it has happened after several dry days, so I don't think it's exclusively moisture related.

It will happen for a day then not happen for a few months. If it happens, we can open and close all the doors and it will still happen. I have cleaned the contacts on the sliding doors and even lightly sanded them to make sure they have good contact. This too does not seem to help.

My only thought is that perhaps the springs on the contacts are weak (the van has 250,000 miles on it) and need to be replaced. But I don't know.

Please help! It's annoying to say the least :)

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Your sliding doors are likely out of adjustment enough to the pint where one of them pulls away from the switch enough when hitting a bump. You can tighten them up by adjusting the striker pin in the door jamb. It is fairly easy with the right size torx bit and a little adjustment goes a long way.
Thanks - I'll give that a try.
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