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How to fix power steering / servo oil leak?

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My Chrysler Grand Voyager has servo oil leaking from the joint where the hose is connected to the metal pipe (by the red arrow). It is right before the "U". The servo oil container was at the "min" level.

Is there an easy way to fix the leak without replacing the entire hose / pipe? Can I tighten the clamping in some way?

I added ATF+4 oil to the container for now but would like to have it permanently fixed if possible.

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Technically there is, but it's very risky and if not done correctly would result in the hose bursting off, possibly hitting the exhaust and starting a fire. Best to just replace it.
Thank you. What would be a good brand for the replacement part? My van is from 2009 so not looking to spend much money on it if possible.
I'm not sure what brands are available over there, but Gates would be my top choice here.
Thx! Would you know how I can identify the correct part number? Not sure what this part is called.
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