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I purchased my van from a family members estate approximately 5 months ago, it had sat for a year under a car port. My family member bought the van new and it spent it's entire life in Florida and has zero rust or corrosion on it.
After changing the fluids and installing a new battery I started driving it. A friend owns a car audio installation shop and he installed an aftermarket remote starter for me. I watched the installation, no scotch-loks were used. All connections were soldered and shrink tube was used.
I have put about 4,500 miles on it and until recently had no issues whatsoever.
A week ago I drove to a store to do some shopping and upon leaving the van wouldn't start. Turning the key lit all the appropriate lights up on the dash but the starter did not engage. After trying the key multiple times eventually the van started.
Over the course of the next few days I started the van a few times without issue.
Four or Fives days after the initial no start on a cold morning I tried to use the remote start and it wouldn't start, A second attempt caused it to start. The van started normally the few times I started it the rest of the day. The next day the remote start wouldn't start the van at all and when I went out to start it manually it required me to try the key many times to get it to start. I drove about a half hour away, shut the van off to go into a store and it started normaly when I got back in. At the end of the work day it required multiple key attempts to start.

So it seems I have an intermittent no start issue.
When the no start condition occurs all the appropriate lights on the dash light up but the starter does not engage.
There are no check engine lights etc lit.
I don't believe the issue is in the key switch since it sometimes wont start using the remote starter..which would be bypassing the key.
A mechanic friend guessed it might possibly have an issue with the starter, possibly having a dead spot.
Any input would be greatly appreciated

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Likely a failing starter or a bad connection caused by the modding.

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The relay in the tipm should click when the key is in start position even if the starter doesnt engage. My nephews 2018 Silverado v8 starter was doing similar but would always start with a boost. A new starter resolved the issue. I was surprised how tiny these new starters are. More like a can of soup compared to the old starters that required a very strong arm to hoist it into position.
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