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2003 grand voyager 3.3
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Hello new to forum so if i wrong i am sure some one will put me right.
2003 grand voyager purchased cheap hence alternator pulley seized knocking front and rear suspension . rear shockers seized solid / fitted 2 new ones
Any way just done the front lower trailing arm rear bushes and sway bar bushes what a stupid design set up.
The 2 rear long bolts what a pain to get out
OK they say spray the bolts and loosen then tighten for ages But you cant get to the threads on said bolts as they are if you look are in a box you spray all day it will not get to the threads So i drilled a very small hole in such a position i could get a WD spray tube in the hole toward the thread of the bolt left for a few minutes both bolts out in 10 with little or no effort.
Also why do these and other car makers go against all engineering practices and put bolts in the wrong way around NUT FALLS OF BOLT FALLS OUT .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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