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leaking fuel rail cap fix

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First time posting,
I have a 2001 Chrysler Town Country with 3.8

For several months now, I've detected a strong smell of gas under the hood. After watching it for a couple of days, I noticed gas dripping out of the cap on the fuel rail. I found a post where someone removed the cap and replaced the internal o-ring with an o-ring from the fuel injectors. (Same size) I did the fix, and it has not leaked since I replaced the o-ring. The best part was I did not have to remove the fuel rail. (A new one is pricey) You will need to go to the auto store and ask for fuel injector o-rings for the van. Mine came in a package of 2 for 2.39 from NAPA.

Thse are the steps I took:

1) Relieve gas pressure from fuel injection rail:
Remove the fuel pump relay and start the van, running it until it dies. (The relay is in the fuse box)

2) disconnect the battery (just being cautious)

3) Move power steering reservoir:
Loosen the bolts for the reservoir , lift it slightly and push it to the side.
(There are 2 accessible bolts on the top, and one nut underneath that you just have to loosen)

4) Remove cap:
Gently pry the cap off, use the bracket for the power steering for leverage.

The pic with the blue o-ring is the original. (notice the erosion on it)

5) Prepare cap:
Remove old o-ring
Bend the tangs back on the cap so it will fit tightly when you re-install it.
Lubricate the o-ring with some fresh oil and put it on the cap.

6) Install cap:
Put cap over the hole making sure it is centered.
Gently tap on the end until it slides back in the hole and is seated properly.

7) Check for leaks:
Re-connect the battery.
Put back the fuel pump relay and start van.
Check for leaks.

8) Put everything back together:
Move power steering reservoir back and tighten bolts.

That's it, it is pretty simple to do as long as you are careful.
Not once did the CEL come on.
This cap is not for a test port, it looks more like a pressure relief port.

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My JB Weld "solution" held for 5 months but failed with the coming of cold weather, which may be just a coincidence. The raw gas smell is back and I can see wetness under that stupid cap. I may try more epoxy as I mentioned earlier. If I build a mold around the cap, I can fill the whole mold, cap and all, with epoxy. This wouldn't be too hard to do but it may eventually fail also. Replacing the fuel rail is more expensive and more work, but I'm getting sick of fighting with this, so it may be worth it to just just bite the bullet and replace the rail.
You might want to try using the epoxy that comes in one of the many "Fuel Tank Repair Kits" that are available at auto parts stores. The epoxy is designed specifically for use with gasoline, and should hold up better. I would recommend a kit designed for metal tanks rather than plastic tanks.

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The dealer quoted me $185 for the rail. Could someone post where they bought the rail for under $100?
Part number 4861498AB or 4861498AC for 2001 thru 2002 is available from Rockauto for $75 plus shipping.

Part number 4861498AD for 2003 thru 2007 is available from Rockauto for $113 plus shipping.

You can find a 5% off discount code here: RockAuto Introduction & Discount Code!
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