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Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Nightmare

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We have a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country (169,000 miles) which now need a new transmission. We have a Lifetime Powertrain warranty and brought it to the dealer. Dealer have had our van for 5 weeks waiting for approval from Chrysler, said there was nothing they can do but wait. Now they say Chrysler wants electronic images of the transmission to see if there was neglect, dealer said we'd have to pay over $600 for these images

First of all I feel like it's costing us $600 to help them to find a reason to deny the claim. Second the dealer said they also may deny it because the cost of the transmission will exceed the value of the van. From what I can see there is no mention of the value of the repair exceeding the value of the vehicle in the actual factory warranty. I feel if they want to buy out the van then that is not honoring a LIFETIME WARRANTY because they are deciding the end the lifetime of the vehicle.

Has anyone had any experience with this. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone at Chrysler except low level customer service agents who do not know anything and cannot transfer you to any supervisors. The best they can do is send a message for a call back but no one every calls back. So frustrated with this whole experience that we will never purchase a Chrysler again.
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I have the version of the Max Care Lifetime warranty issued in 2014. The fine print says “wear and tear” and “design defects” not covered. It also limits the warranty repair to the value of the vehicle.
I think I read the older version that you have and it doesn’t have those limitations.The FCA lawyers must have realized the long term liability to perpetual repairs.
Max Care update for 2014 T&C 30th Anniversary. Just got estimate on cylinder head repair from recent failure. $3000. So far Warranty has paid out $6500. All failures mentioned in this forum.
This might be my last CJDRFA vehicle.
When Chrysler offered the Lifetime Powertrain warranty their lawyers must have been sleeping. With the Lifetime Maximum Care Warranty they have the out of vehicle value vs cost of repair buyout.
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