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Short version:
If the plastic (bushing) on your liftgate striker pin broke off, the latch will rattle. There's no easy way to replace the plastic, so you need a new liftgate striker pin.

This should work for a '91 or '92 (and maybe for '93-'93):
Dorman 38427 Tailgate Striker Bolt
<Dorman Products>
Thread Size: M10-1.5 mm x 16mm (note: 16mm is the thread length, not the bolt length)

You will need a T40 torx socket wrench bit (and a socket wrench) to remove the old striker, and I think a T45 socket wrench bit to install the Dorman replacement.

Note: The plastic bushing on this Dorman striker can be replaced (the washer unscrews), but Dorman does not currently make a replacement bushing. The bushing kit that Dorman sells, part #38424, is too large for the striker bolt that fits Chrysler 2nd Generation minivans.

The plastic on our liftgate striker pin broke off. This causes the liftgate latch to rattle.The design of the OEM striker pin, which is flanged at both ends, does not allow you to slide anything over the area where the plastic was. I'd solved the problem temporarily by putting a short piece of split polyethylene tubing over the striker pin, but this gets chewed up fairly quickly:

I measured the liftgate striker pin bolt, and it's metric, M10-1.50 (10mm diameter with a 1.5mm thread spacing). The head needs a T40 torx bit to remove.

MoparPartsGiant lists different part numbers for the liftgate striker pin on a '92 and a '95 ('91 isn't listed). The '92 is not available, and the '95 is expensive:
- Mopar Parts Giant - 1991 Dodge Caravan Liftgate parts
<1991 Dodge Caravan Liftgate Panel - Mopar Parts Giant>
#34 - STRIKER, Liftgate Latch - part 4378535 (different part # from 1995)

- Mopar Parts Giant - 1995 Dodge Caravan Liftgate parts
<1995 Dodge Caravan Liftgate Panel - Mopar Parts Giant>
#34 - Striker, Liftgate Latch, part 4673222 - $76.47 + shipping

I do not know if the '92 and '95 part numbers are interchangeable.

Turns out Dorman makes two replacement striker pins which use the same bolt size as Chrysler. The one above, Dorman 38427 Tailgate Striker Bolt, and:
Dorman 38445 Door Striker Bolt - M10-1.50
<Dorman Products>
Thread Size: M10 - 1.5 mm
Length (In): 2.17 In.
This second one has a "C" shaped washer/striker part:

I actually got the second one and cut off the upper part of the washer with a Dremel cutting wheel. I later confirmed with Dorman tech support that the Dorman 38427 has the same bolt dimensions and same quality of steel, so 38427 would have been easier. (I also think the black color would look better.) Dorman does not list the dimensions of the 38427 on its web site.

OEM vs. Dorman Striker Pins, and the Dorman bushing kit which is too big:

OEM striker pin vs. Dorman striker pin. The washer on the OEM is permanently attached. The Dorman washer can be unscrewed:

Dorman washer next to OEM striker pin:

Dorman Striker Pin installed:

Two other notes:
1. Don't loosen the flat bolt on the left, and the striker pin will go back exactly where it was.
I think the liftgate striker pin actually screws into a block of metal which is held by rails below the lip of the liftgate sill. This block of metal is able to move around to change the location of the liftgate striker pin. It's probably also held by the flat torx head bolt on the left which holds the "RESTRICTOR ASSEMBLY, Mopar part 5257656" (the plate under the liftgate striker pin with the vertical bar sticking up on the left). If you don't loosen the flat bolt, the liftgate striker pin will go in to exactly the same spot as the one you removed.

2. Check how the striker pin and "restrictor" bar fit into the latch before you replace the striker pin.
Get inside the storage area and mostly close the liftgate to see if the striker pin and "restrictor" bar line up with the latch. Ours do not quite line up, which is probably why both the striker pin and the restrictor bar had their plastic broken off. We need to get our liftgate's hinges adjusted.
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