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Can't open liftgate with a keyfob or from the overhead console. I hear the sound of the running motor (on the lock) and thats it, nothing happens. However, if I open the lock manually and then press the power liftgate button - it works and. *it's not closing (I mean, you have to close the liftgate manually). Taillights are blinking when I press the button.

First of all, I opened the motor.
Discovered several problems.


As you can see on the right side of the image, the "pinion gear", isn't sitting properly.
It's a little bit up, because, I put gasket under it. I'll explain why - later.

I removed the shaft.






There is a groove on the top op the shaft. The brass "coil" goes inside the groove. See image 7.


On the top of the shaft (image 7), you can see a little teeth. Similar to the teeth we find on the metal flap (image 4).


So, the teeth on the metal flap, suppose to go, in between the teeth of the shaft, to be able to rotate it.
But, as I showed earlier, there is a brass "coil" between them. As a result, teeth of the metal flap aren't in contact with the shaft (I assume, that's why the lock was not opening - it simply didn't rotate).

To be honest, I don't really understand the purpose of the brass "coil" if it's preventing the contact...



You might also notice, that the "pinion" gear on the (image 10) is a little bit down, compared to the same gear on the (image 1).
As I said in the beginning, I put a gasket between the "pinion" gear (image 9) and the metal flap (image 8) to create a gap between the "pinion" gear and metal flap.*
When rotating, metal flap, goes all the way up, get's stuck in the "pinion" gasket's holes and no longer connects to the shaft.

After pressing the button - lock opened, and motor lifted the liftgate.
But, when I closed the liftgate and tried to open it again - it stuck. By "stuck" I mean - it even stopped to make sound liftgate makes.
So, opened the motor again. When I tried to pull up the "yellow" gear (image 1) - I felt the tension between the gears.
Manually, I rotated the shaft, a little bit counterclockwise and put every gear back in place. After pressing the button - lock opened...

What the problem could be?

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Good post with pictures and good description.
I have not been that far into the actuator like that. which one is it?

Is that the whirr that I hear as the liftgate sucks the final 1/2" of the door closure?
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