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Liftgate not working?

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The liftgate will open using the powered feature, but will not close. I had some minor rust repaired on the tailgate and I think the little box with wires was displaced. Do those wires have something to do with the gate closing?

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Those are the "Pinch Sensors", they will cause to door to reverse if they encounter an obstruction. Perhaps when you attempt to close the liftgate the sensor thinks it has encounter an obstruction and does not initiate the close cycle.

From the owners manual:
• If anything obstructs the power liftgate while it is
closing or opening, the liftgate will automatically
reverse to the closed or open position, provided it
meets sufficient resistance.
• There are also pinch sensors attached to the side of the
liftgate opening. Light pressure anywhere along these
strips will cause the liftgate to return to the open
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Not sure if you guys can see it, but are the two wires supposed to be able to pull out? Or are they severed? Is there any troubleshooting in the manual for them?
Any thoughts? are there diagrams on how the pinch sensor installs?
So, according to parts diagrams the pinch sensor come in two sections. A section for each side of the lift gate.

Here is the right side:

I wonder if any of the local dealerships have these in stock and would let me look at them. I just want to see how they are installed so I can tell if mine is damaged or not.
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