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Lock actuator job

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Ok, I have a 2010 Town and Country with power sliders, windows, and locks. About a month ago the right slider started buzzing loudly when we unlock it. Did a little Youtube research and looked like a painful but doable job. Got the part and got to working on it today. I followed all the steps in the videos I found, but I could not get the darn door module out so that I could get to the latch and replace the actuator. The rear window track was in the way and I could not move it despite taking the two screws out. The latch screws were also removed and I had the window taped up and open. I am at a loss here. I just put it all back together again because I didnt want to force it and break it. Totally frustrated. Does anyone have any tips or info on how to get r done? Thanks in advance.
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