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Meager Upgrades, any Ideas?

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So far:
-Tinted windshield brow & front windows
-Mopar hood deflector
-AVS deflectors
-Mudflaps, fitted
-APS running boards
-New (not cloudy) headlights, bright white bulb kit incl. fog lights, led signals
~Decontam wash, clay bar, buff wax
-TnC pinstripe kit, 5/16" black, for side shoulder lines
-Tinting rear brake/rev light lenses
-LED light strip along running boards
-Chrome exhaust tip

Anyone have cosmetic ideas? Not doin stripes and tails. I'm trying to go classy, & I know less can be more. Maybe black vinyl over lower rockers, and also trimmed to lowest rear bumper, behind mud flaps??

Appreciate any help!!

-Michael L


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Headlights made a huge difference...


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Love the headlights, where did you get them? I think they would look great on my grey 2014 T&C.
Eagle Eye headlight was Excellent, came loaded w all bulbs too, but buddy bought just left accidentally, not pair. eBay about $120

So it didn't look like my ride had a stroke, he got me a pair, but some Chinese stuff, quality much lower and no light bulbs.

Sylvania ultras I bought, maybe? . about standard, 6000k. Bout 80 for 4 + turn signal/marker.
LEDs tripped.

If I hit lotto I'll go back n get the eagle eyes I think. Serious difference these 1s, likely from oem too.

But, it does sharpen the ride considerably. I say you go for it.

Pulling front clip is necessary. Easy as pie though. Just go gentle removing clip from upper corner, at wheel well. I broke one clip but it went back thankfully without the new clips. (Only ~$25 if you wanna order clips ahead, just in case.

Few bolts, plastic retainers, and screws at wheel well.
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Here's a few.
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