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metallic click sound when starting off forward or reverse

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On my 2004 grand caravan when starting off I hear a metallic click sound from the front left. It occurs one or twice then I don't hear it was I am underway. This is not like the clunk you hear from bad sway bar bushings. This occurs only when starting off from a stopped position. At least that is only when I hear it.

Someone suggested it was a rotor/pad issue, but I don't why that would be the case.

Any suggestions?

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I have this on my 05 I have traced it to my strut bearings.
I had a bad CV joint that did what you describe
Check the sway bar links also.
I thought I had a bad cv joint - crunching noise while turning - changing the sway bar bushings and the sway bar links cured that noise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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