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2007 Chrysler Town & Country LX
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I really wanna do cool things to my t&c but all my coworkers laugh at me when i bring it up because it's a minivan. Creating this thread in hopes of sparking some motivation as well as documenting my progress.

So far:
Got a 2007 t&c from my mom for free as a running car (i own a few others but none work well enough to drive daily) and I originally didn't take it seriously and focused on repairing my other vehicles. Since owning it I've really fallen in love with this van it's honestly my favorite car I've owned! Cheap parts, plenty of used parts in junkyards, loads of low end torque (compared to the 1.6's I drove before). So much cool history in this van. I grew up in it, i remember clogging the rear speaker with napkins because my mom used to blast ZROCK 103.3 every day when we drove anywhere and my 10 year old ears got tired of it. I remember telling my mom while she was driving it all the cool things i wanted to do to it if I ever got it. Things full of memories and i feel it deserves a true story to continue it's legacy.

Ive done a whole bunch of maintenance and replaced a bunch of parts to make it more reliable while i daily it. I feel like I should document my processes either for myself or for future t&c/gc/v owners as some sort of help.

  • 1" of ground clearance on trispoke wheels with a scrape pan underneath for the ultimate static 4th gen (1" might be too low)
  • built 41te for doing sick burnouts
  • 3.8 swap for doing sick drag races
  • some kind of forced induction or nos with accompanying engine enternals to hold the extra power reliably (50k-80k miles before catastrophic failure of engine or trans is goal, no clue how attainable that is)
  • want to add some cool rare oem options for the 2007 t&c to my LX
  • giant sound system
  • airconditioning
  • headliner
  • faster than an LS400

I will update this post as i feel is interesting or something

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I see you found one of Special Edy's threads. Search out more of his threads, because he's rebuilt a 41TE to make it stronger, swapped gears, doing an engine swap to the 4.0L engine, and lowered his van. He's even adding chassis bracing, as well as mounted the front subframe closer to the frame to get rid of unwanted flex and to correct some angles from lowering.

Not much can be done to wring more power from the 3.8L, but some swap out the 3.3L throttle body to the 3.8L one for more flow. A better engine swap than a 3.8L would be a 3.5L out of an 04-08 Pacifica, but then you have to swap the computer and wiring harness in the engine bay, and make it fit (top of engine is wider). It has a variable length intake plenum that uses a set of long runners for low-end torque, and shorter runners for higher horsepower once up to speed. It is actually rated at higher power and torque than the 3.8L and was originally going to be the top-line engine, until van owners who were prospective buyers of the newer vans asked where the 3.8L was. They thought only the biggest engine can have the most power (wrong!) and through their opinion forced Chrysler to abandon that engine and stick to the lower power 3.8L. The 3.5L is also mated to the 41TE in the Pacifica, so will bolt up no problem.

I'm also going to try swapping a 4.0L into my 2004 AWD van, but use the 3.5L Pacifica electronics to run it. I also had to swap some upper engine parts from the 3.5L to make it work/fit, like the lower intake manifold, upper plenum, valve covers, ignition coils and engine wiring/computer, key/fob and sentry module (for security system). Engine is still sitting outside, so will be a while before any progress is made.
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