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Newer design on the cabin ventilation exhausted between 2013 and now

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Hi all,

I recently replaced the cabin ventilation exhausters on my 2013 DGC with part #68260545AA.

I realised that the newer part was different. It has now a gutter on 3 sides. I noted that there was rust inside the bottom of the vent that I cleaned and sprayed with Duratech rust proofing product. I guess they improved the design as water was getting inside.


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Seeing this makes me concerned about my exhausters, it definitely looks like they redesigned it to lessen the chances of water getting into it? I'll try to look into if there's any water/rust damage when I replace mine, which I really feel like doing now, especially seeing how affordable they are. And, despite never seeing them again once you put the rear bumper cover back on, they definitely look nice and fresh!

It's just the two exhausters in the back, right?
Ordered them and they're on the way!
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