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Hey dudes, Newguyhere aka Zach originally from SWMO but now calling STL my home base as I travel. I’m single which has allowed me to travel full time the last 2 years. Started out in an Altima w/my Dog but I hit a deer last June and snatched up a 2010 T&C and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The Van life I believe was started with me in mind. I absolutely have adjusted to it nicely and couldn’t be happier. I’ve since sold off or gave away all of my possessions and live a very minimalist lifestyle. I’m in a new area every however often I feel like. I’ll spend a week somewhere or a month. I never know from day to day what I’ll feel like. I wake up every day and decide in that moment what I feel like doing or not feel like doing. And this van has had some radical changes and I have some really radical changes coming. That’s one of the reason that brought me here. I’ll be needing some technical advice the search bar will provide me and if it’s not there I can ask y’all. I have a DSM background from the early 2000’s and have just all around had a romance with vehicles. And I also own a 2006 Mercedes Benz (Dodge) 9 passenger long wheelbase bLack w/windows Sprinter Van.
Current T&C mods are 2nd row delete and backwards passenger seat. Soon to come 3” Wheel spacers w/ 18” Durango Wheels and tires, Black Forged Carbon Wrap, and back seat relocation. 1’ back and 1’ down. Laying a floating subfloor, double layer rubber mat and household carpet w/rebuilt trap door leading into old 2nd row stow and go storage below that currently houses my Amps and 2000watt inverter. Along with camping supplies and cooking supplies. I take lots of whores baths, ****s in the woods, and weekly truck stop showers. Absolutely am having a blast visiting all the recreational dispensaries (what’s up Oregon and Michigan. You two are #1 and #2. Much props). And just all around doing wtf ever I want at all times without having to explain myself or tell anybody. Wasn’t always that way for me. Always had the nagging partner who was always lying and cheating, all while accusing me of the exact same thing when I never was. F all of that ****. Lastly about a month ago my precious 3 yr old IPhone 11 was stolen and it ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I quit all my SM accts like TikTok and FB. I quit texting, just quit it all. Now I only use my phone to let my 16yr old know my location (he lives with Mom and has since 3yrs old and we have always had a great relationship) , that and I use my phone for Apple Music and Navigation and the occasional answer to a question. As I mentioned I don’t text anymore. Only make out going calls once in a while. If anyone needs to reach me they must call me. Everyone knows I will no longer be looking at my texts, fb messenger, or any of that crap. They must pick up the phone and have a real and personable conversation with me. No more hiding behind a screen. These changes have drastically changed my life for the better. My brain works so much sharper now. Absolutely incredible. I recommend it to everyone.

well that’s prob enough about me. Oh one other thing, I had a total meltdown in Feb of 2022 on my 45th Bday.All my family has passed in the last 5 years. I only have my son left. Somewhere during my meltdown God spoke to me and I had a spiritual awakening. Since then it’s been incredible. If you don’t have a relationship with him seek one now. Okay….. so all of that and these last few triggers I’ll leave you with.

The Earth is Flat as F.
NASA is some bullshit
Everyone needs to ground yourself daily to Mother Earth.
What we call the Sun is actually God. The Sun isn’t a ball of fire, it’s just a reflection on the firmament God (the Sun) is much higher and outside of the firmament but there are great benefits to Sun gazing everyday a t”Sunrise” and “Sunset”. Oh and we are the center of the universe. That’s what I know for sure.
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