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I have a 1996 3.3L T&C with over 405K miles. I am in a crank, no start situation. I think I have eliminated everything being the culprit except for the PCM.

Before plunging into the purchase of a PCM, I decided to do continuity checks on all the major player, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Camshaft Position Sensor and the Coil. I have found continuity between pin connectors where I don't think I should be getting continuity at all, but rather should be getting a 1. For example, the continuity between the PCM C1 40 (EGR) pin and the 4 pin on the ignition coil connect is 35.3 Other coil pins give the same type readings.

The meter is set to the 200 setting on Ohms

I'm a novice at this but I think I probably have some wires which have melted together. Are readings like that normal for totally unrelated components, i.e., coil and EGR pins?

Thanks for any guidance.
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