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Probably a little more than an oil change...unless you're down 4+ quarts. The oil pressure warning light (with chime) should only come on when oil pressure drops below 4 psi, so something else is amiss.

The oil pressure switch could be failing; it's mounted to the oil filter adapter. Mopar part number 4608303AB. While I wouldn't use aftermarket Chinese stuff, these are widely available at almost any parts store for under 15 bucks.

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That said, you could have internal problems, such as a failing oil pump, a badly clogged/obstructed filter, or something else. To truly assess pressure you'd need to screw in a mechanical gauge and observe throughout the RPM and temperature spectra.

I'd probably inspect and replace the switch first and go from there. It's right up front (see #5 below). You will need a special socket to R&R the switch, but the parts store should have a loaner. Best of luck.

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