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Pitiful tire life on the front of my 2008 T&C

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Bought new in 2008, built on a Monday. When we got it, the steering wheel was just off of level, and I am sure that they tweaked it ever so slightly. Front tires had significant wear on the edges at 12,000 miles. Actually, by 12,600 miles I was concerned enough to ask about alignment and the dealer said that was out of warranty at 12,000 miles.:angrya: I bought a 5 year alignment from NTB, and had them align it. At about 20,000, new tires up front.

I don't rotate tires, as my opinion is it just smears the evidence and makes four wear out in twice the time it would take two. There is significant wear after 10,000 miles. I finally figured out that the NTB guys sucked, after I got it aligned at one shop, then drove it to another the next day and had it checked, the paperwork may as well have been for two different cars.

I finally paid Chrysler and they had some old guy who said he was the god of alignments and that he would get it done right. He said that the struts were bent and that would have to wallow out the holes in the struts to get it to 0° Camber, and that the specs are so broad from Chrysler that having it "in spec" means nothing. He said that aftermarket struts are slotted for adjustment, but that the factory pieces are not. This was around 50,000 miles.

No real improvement. My tires last 20,000 miles whether they are the best ones, or the crappy ones. Now, I am at 129,000 miles and have nearly shredded another set of Michelins. The outer edges wear badly.

Recently, I get real bad brake stutter when braking, it shakes the steering wheel. So.. I am planning on new pads and rotors, and maybe the Gabriel easy strut pieces that rock auto has with the spring coil included as an assembly.... Wondering how much more of a job it is, if I am already doing the brake rotor to do the strut too. ? I have done struts on four or five cars in the past, just wondering if this van is unusually easy or hard in some regard. ???

Does anyone else have such horrendous tire wear ? I get 20,000 miles ?? Its getting real old.:angry:
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Proper alignment - regular rotations - proper air pressure - "normal" driving conditions = good tire life.

Start changing the above parameters and tire life diminishes.
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