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Power seat fuse blowing

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I have a 2012 Chrysler t&c touring l. The fuse for the power front seats started to blow about 1 month after I got it. I took it to my local dealer after I changed the fuse for the 3rd time. They supposedly had a mechanic look into it and told me they couldn’t find anything wrong. 2 days ago the battery stopped holding a charge. The battery is approximately 6 months old, I took it in to have tested and they said it was good just drained. I’m sure there is a short somewhere, I need help figuring out how and where to start and what tools I’ll need? Or could this be an alternator issue?
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Welcome to the forum!

Does the fuse go out without moving the power seats, or does it go out when you move the seats? It's possible the motor is bad, or the switch.

The most probably issue would be the seat motor, or the wiring within the seat. Not sure how you would diagnose that.

Charge the battery until it's full, then park the van, disconnect both power seats, and see if it drains the battery over ~2 days. Don't drive with the seats disconnected, you will get a lovely airbag light and in the event of a impact where the headrest swings forward, you will not have that. You could also try disconnecting one power seat, and leave the other connected. See if it does the same thing, and try it for both seats.

Also, take a look where the fuse goes. If it looks like any water has gotten into it before, or is there currently, then you must dry it all out, find the leak if you can and fix it. These vans are known for having this issue, but it's usually other issues associated with water leaking into it. This should be the first thing you check.
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