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Problem with check engine, abs, trac off, brake and gauges

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Hi All,

my first post here.
I am from Poland and hope to get some help here.

I have Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD (european).

For some days I have problems with control lights on my panel.

First I had check engine and air bag. On and off. No rules. They just go on and off during driving.
Computer diagnosis says EGR and air bag stripe. After errors rest it is fine now, however I decided to clean EGR. Not done yet becasue ....
Two days ago during driving lights of BRAKE (red), ABS (yellow) and trac off go on. Several times during driving they go of and on. Sometimes ABS works even when ABS light is on. The same day in the morning (winter, - 5 degrees) during ignition gauges start very strange beahving. They go to the right slowly and come back (no lights). when they came back lights went on (standard before ignition) and car started normally (almost, as I had feeling like the weak battery).

The same day in the evening all lights (controls on my board) were on. Even the lights with the gears numbers. Gauges went to zero (all of them). with all these lights, car drives normally without any problems. when I stoped and turned off and took the keys off, all lights on the board stayed on. The car is able to turn off and on without any problems. Just all lights are on (on the board) and gauges remain on zero.

Only disconnecting the accu allows to turn it off. After that I can start the car without any problems. today again BRAKE, ABS, TRAC OFF are on and off during driving. ABS sometimes works (sometimes not) even when ABS lamp is ON.

PLS. If you have any idea what can be wrong and how to fix it, pls help.

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An old / weak battery can cause problems with the electronics. How old is your vehicle and your battery.
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