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Quick Fixes

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How about telling us about some quick fixes. I have three to share in Post #2, #3 and #4.
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Sticking Doors / Slow Warm Ups / Gawking / Sticker Removal - Fixes

Door sticking in extreme cold:

Take silicon spray, and spray all the rubber seals around the door. Worked for me in the colds of Montana

Car not warming up in extreme cold:

I did two things, the cheap, and more expensive route. The cheap route, cut a piece of card board and place it behind the grill. The expensive (20 bucks and an hours time) is get some vinyl fabric, and some matting, then make a cover that goes over the grill, make sure that it overlaps the corners of the grill. The easy way to attach is adding buttons, I made mine to attach with zip ties. They are also available commercially for more money.

People staring at you in traffic:

Add darker tint!

Removing stickers from outside of vehicle:

I love a product called Goof Off for this, they have a gel spray, and with a rag and some elbow grease they come right off. Or you can get a 3M eraser wheel, and use a power drill. Apply slight pressure, and it will rub the stickers off. Be careful on tinted windows that are not factory, as stick on tint it will remove. I found out the hard way...
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1 - 1 of 135 Posts
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