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I searched around for help with pulling the rear drum and hub/bearing assy. and gleaned bits here and there, but didn't see everything in one place, so here goes.
(the latter bits should work for rear disc too, but not AWD)

Unbolt the ABS sensor and tie it out of the way.

Then, if the drum is frozen on there, hit it with a bit of penetrant and maybe some heat and let it sit... Back off the parking brake adjuster while waiting. If you have a brake drum puller, use it. If not, some taps with a hammer on the face of the drum, followed by tapping the ring of the hub itself while pulling on the drum by hand should do the trick. Some may feel the need to beat the drum into submission. my only advice is to plan on buying a new drum and or hub assy.:ThumbsUp: Tapping the hub ring worked real slick for me!

Unbolt the hub / bearing from the rear axle support.

Now, if the hub/bearing is frozen in place, chrysler makes a special tool to press out the hub in situ.
but if you don't have one, there is little room to get at it with a puller and then you are pulling on the brake backing plate :scratchin:. The tone wheel disintegrates when you get too rough on it, so drifting it out isn't good either. If you have one, a slide hammer works awesome! If you don't, then buy one, 'cause you'll need it.:biggrin: besides, when you own one, you keep finding more and more situations you can employ it in...

10,20,40 pulls later, it will come out. I then use a two jaw puller to pop the brake backing plate off the hub.

Some of this should work for the 4th gen minivans too, though the ABS sensor is integrated into the hub, so slide hammering will not be good if you are not replacing the hub assy.

FYI, some drums and hubs come right off... but for the ones that don't, this works well.

Hope this helps and as always, YMMV,:biggrin:

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I had one of my rears stuck. A 3ft piece of 1.25" heavywall pipe and a sledgehammer got it out nice and quickly. Have someone hold the pipe in place and swing away.
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