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Replace Master Cylinder and Brake Booster At Same Time?

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My 2005 Town and Country van has over 250,000 miles on it. Yesterday, when I went to back it out of the driveway, I stepped on the brake pedal, heard a pop, and the brake pedal went to the floor.

None of the lines going to any of the calipers are leaking. I looked near the master cylinder and saw a brake fluid. I am not sure the brake booster or the master cylinder are bad, but with the amount of miles and the age of this vehicle, should I have both parts replaced?
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So, I have a buick century with 300k miles on it with NO fluid leak but pedal goes to floor with air sound. Also, it seems that pressing the pedal must introduce air to the engine as it seems to screw with the idle.

I'm thinking brake booster. Wondering if I also might as well replace master cylinder given car age
A bad brake booster shouldn't make the pedal go to the floor. Sounds more like a bad master cylinder or a leak somewhere in the system. Also, pushing the pedal far down and / or repeatedly will affect the idle some.

By the way, this is a Chrysler minivan forum. Seems kinda odd that your first post would be about a Buick Century. 🤨
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