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I just finished up replacing the driver's side sun visor on my 2016 Town and Country. I had the visor with the homelink and lighted mirror.

For anybody planning on doing this, patience is required. :) Here are the steps that I took to accomplish this.

1) Removed a pillar. It is held on my a couple clips and then a couple retaining leashes. I used an interior pry tool to pop it free starting from the top.
2) Removed the 3 screws holding the sun visor to the roof (T25 torx bit) and cut the wires right at the sun visor to leave as much free wire as possible. (I wasn't planning on reusing this visor since it no longer stayed up on the roof (spring was broken).
3) Removed the sunvisor hold down clip towards the middle of the car (phillips screw). I did this for both drivers and passengers side to offer more space to pull down on the headliner.
4) Pulled off center console (the one with the lights and sun glasses holder). I used a pry tool and popped it off starting with the front corners and then pulled down. (This is only held up by clips, no screws).
5) This still didn't give me the room I needed up in the front corner to find the connector.
6) Removed the B-pillar trim. The top piece is held on by a phillips screw up top behind the little rectangle "SRS" cover (I recommend having a magnetic tip screwdriver so you don't drop the screw down the B-pillar), and then the handle is held on by the T25 torx screws. Next you need to remove the seatbelt, this was aT50 screw I believe. This should give you enough play to pull the top half of the trim out and put it aside.
7) We were then able to carefully pry the front corner of the headliner down a bit see the connector which was glued to the headliner. With a small flat blade screwdriver this connector was able to be unclipped.
8) Feed wire from new visor up throw the hole in the plastic piece that the visor is screwed into and plug in the connector. (If you are looking to test it here, make sure to shut the door or turn the car on momentarily. After having the door open for an extended period of time, the power is turned off to the visors.
9) Screw visor to roof, and then put trim pieces back in reverse order.

Hopefully this helps out someone. It helped to have an extra set of hands when disconnecting and connecting the connecter inside the headliner.
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