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RHB Navigation Update

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The disc reader went out on the second REZ that I put in my 09 Routan. I found a great deal on an RHB out of a 2012 Grand Caravan and have it installed and running great.

However, I would really like to get the NAV maps up to date. According to Garmin, there should be able to go to an "Update Maps" option where I would be able to update the maps using their Garmin Express software and a Thumbdrive. However they say the RHB needs to have NAV software version 5.13 or higher and I can't find out how to get mine to that level.

I went to mygig-disk, downloaded the 2 updates that they have, and my radio is now at a software version 50.01.01 but my NAV software still has GPS: 2.90, Text: 3.00, and Audio: 2.30

I have looked around and there is some pretty good information on Jeep sites with regards to the map updates on this radio but I can't seem to find information on updating the NAV software.

Does anyone know how to go about getting my NAV software updated to 5.13 or better?
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Hopefully something in this post can help. If it wasn't for the RES, I would have replaced it with a modern HU.

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