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Roof Rack Cross Bars

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I’m planning to hit the local LKQ today and grab a set of roof rack cross bars. My 08 Town & Country Touring didn’t have any when purchased. Does anyone know what years will work on my 08? Also, are caravan cross bars the same? Last question...... what tools will I need to remove them? Thanks!!
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From the research I've done, 2008-2010 will be the model years you'll want to hit up since 2011+ models use a different design that doesn't work on pre-facelift vans. They're the same across all models, so you'll be fine pulling them off a Caravan, Routan or Voyager as long as it's a 2008-2010 model. The 2008-2010 cross bars appear to be held on by large thumb screws so you shouldn't need any tools to remove them, but that's only my assumption based on this pic.
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