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Hi all:

I'm selling my 1986 Dodge Caravan LE with powered gullwing door and powered bi-fold wheelchair ramp. I'm asking $3,500.00 for the van since it has a powered ramp, a lowered floor, a powered gullwing door, a manual swiveling driver's seat, and hand controls. The van itself isn't worth that much money.

This van is a rare classic. A piece of automotive history, a first generation Dodge Caravan LE. This van runs great, averages 17mpg and gets 19mpg on the freeway.

The engine is a 2.6 liter Mitsubishi four cylinder with a Weber 32/36 carburetor. The engine runs strong and the transmission has never given me any trouble.

Except for the headliner the interior of the van is in very good shape.

I bought this van in 2012. I've had a lot of fun with this van, it's small even by minivan standards and is a fun van to drive, but I have to sell it due to lack of space to park it.

Located in Southwest Washington about twenty-two miles north of Portland, OR

Wheelchair Van 1986 Dodge Caravan - cars & trucks - by owner -...

Key features:
Power Windows
Custom Grant steering wheel
9 inch drop floor between the back of the front seats and the front of the back seats
Hand controls
JVC stereo with remote, microphone for hands free calling, and Bluetooth connectivity, comes with manual
An original 1986 Dodge Caravan Owners manual
Ramp and door switches located on the dash and the left rear corner of the van
Dashcam with GPS
Cell phone holder
Solar panel
Lock box, I'll give the code to the person who buys the van
Original wire wheel steel hubcaps
Hubcap removal tool
Storage drawer under the front passenger seat
Power driver's seat with manual swivel
Rear window defroster
Intermittent wipers
Rear window wiper
Front and rear window washers
Seats are in good condition, no rips no tears
Gas tank holds 20 gallons
Good brakes
Good tires
Four studded snow tires included
Four service manuals included
Extra power seat base for the driver's seat included
Digital tachometer
Dash has gauges for oil pressure and engine temperature
Body is straight with some parking lot dings
Has a roof rack
Overhead map lights
Overhead console with storage space for glasses and a garage door opener

Now the bad news, it needs some work. Being disabled this is work I can not perform.
Horn wire on steering wheel disconnected
Drivers window has a bad regulator and the window has trouble rolling down
Factory ignition switch start position isn't working but I had a momentary contact toggle switch installed because I couldn't rotate the factory ignition switch to start the van
Air conditioning compressor was removed before I bought the van
Cruise control quit working last year
Reverse lights no longer work, the lamps are good so it must be a bad switch
Sometimes the lift gate remote on the dash doesn't work
The front doors need new wiring harnesses in order for the power locks and power mirrors to work
Driver's door light doesn't work, I've never bothered with it.
Right turn indicator on the dash is out, the turn indicators do work though
Headlight adjusters are worn and will need to be replaced
Liftgate struts are worn and will need to be replaced
The horizontal surfaces need repainting
There's an exhaust leak which is a bit loud
The headliner needs to be replaced
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