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I have Yakima bars and boots left over from my Volvo XC70 that fit on my 09 DGC. I put my Skybox directly on the factory bars for trips and have had no problems. I put the bars on one time to make sure they fit, which they did. I don't have any accessories for the bars (I used them on the Volvo to hold the box), but eventually we'll be getting a canoe and will use the bars to haul that. We bought ours at REI ... both Thule and Yakima will certainly have bars and boots designed to fit your van. As far as cost goes, we paid about $600 for the whole package. The bars were about 40 each, the boots about 150 for the set and the box was 250 to 300, I think. We bought it about 4 years ago, so I can't remember specifically.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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