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Hello everyone! Here's what I'm dealing with. As always, thank you in advance.

-2006 Chrysler Town and Country, Touring, 3.8L, 125k miles
-Passenger sliding door is stuck in lock position and won't open
-2 years ago I replaced the lock actuator

-I pulled the inside trim off, and with some force, was able to unlock the door. Went back and forth with the assembly, lock and unlock worked smoothly.
-Power door works fine now. Open, close, lock, unlock.
-Then 2 days later, it did it again. Frozen in LOCK position.

If the actuator is bad, is it strong enough to be stuck in the lock position and not move at all? Not even w pulling up and down on the manual door lock?

Or do I need to dig deeper and replace the entire door lock latch assembly?

Right now, door is permanently unlocked - but wife wants to be able to lock all doors. I was hoping the van would just get stolen....

Haha, just kidding. This van has treated me well. Life to date, I've put only $600 of money into van for non-maintenance related items. 9.5 years?! Wow, that's awesome! Now the little things are starting to fall apart... arrr..

Again, thanks in advance.


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