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About 7 months ago, I noticed that there was less ummphh when I accelerated on my 2001 DGC with 3.3L & 164kmiles. When I accelerated hard, I would very rarely get a CEL for a second, but it turned off after accelerating.

After changing the plugs back to champion double Pt-tipped plugs, I regained some power and no codes. So I thought I had other issues such as tranny wearing out or who knows... But not the wires since changed those a couple years ago.

Well, my tranny blew up in May so after a rebuilt was installed, my acceleration was still the same.

The other day with 168kmiles, I started classic misfiring so something became drastically wrong...

Turns out that with an inline spark-plug tester, I found the P0304 code was properly diagnosing the lack of voltage to the plug since the tester light was faint compare to the brighter with other plugs.

Once I changed the ignition coil after verifying my PCM C1 to ignition-coil wires were ok, the issue went away and I also recovered my lost giddie-up-and-go acceleration... Note: I made sure to check all connectors for good connections first before trying the coil swap.

Moral of the story: when your engine seems weaker than normal, make sure you consider changing the ignition coil.

Nothing else major done in the last year besides
1) changing all the bushings and ball joints on the lower control arms for prevention,
2) changing all the smaller-diameter heater hoses including to the rear due to a leak of one in the engine compartment,
3) along with new headlamps...,
4) and of course, the transmission while also replacing the half axles...

New headlamps sure make the car look young again...

Good luck with keeping your van running smoothly!

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