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So, I'm looking for ideas on where to mount my full size spare to clean up the back of the van.
The donut is going to go back underneath next time I rack the van at work (yes, I'm lazy).
What are you guys doing with full size spares?
I was kinda thinking grabbing a cheap roof rack, and throwing it up there. But I live in Texas. So that tire will probably turn to some nasty jerky pretty quick. Even if I cover it.

Was also considering the swinging style carrier like the jeeps use or the bigger vans.
I don't really want to dedicate to a hitch mounted one, as I do occasionally pull a trailer.

All this is to make room to install a tool box in the back. Which leads to my next thing. Has anyone mounted a smaller tool box in the back? I'll more than likely be ripping the carpet out and doing the wire hider cover things that you can get at home Depot.

I regularly haul engines, trans, misc car parts. So a mobile work area would be dope. I don't mind ditching the second row seating since I can keep the third row stored in the floor. Or I guess I can get captains chairs for the rear. But I rarely have passengers so that doesn't even matter.

Anyway, enough rambling. Oh, this is a 4th gen. I'm open to all ideas

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You're probably going to have to reinforce the floor then, as stow N go covers are just plastic. My van is the last of the long wheelbase vans to not have stow n go (2004). I've hauled transmissions, engines and my fold-up engine hoist in the rear. I put down mats and big cardboard to slide the stuff in, and load the engines in the passenger side sliding door and put on an old tire. Then I use ratchet straps on the rear upper seatbelt anchors to tie it in so it won't tip over. My van seats are removable, so I can also use those anchor points for tying things down. I even fit my full size spare tire inside the rear. I leave my seats at home.

If you check out Long_Voyager94's van/build thread, you'll see his custom-made spare tire carrier that swings down to open the rear liftgate. It is mounted on the rear receiver hitch FRAME, so still able to pull a trailer. Just wouldn't be able to use the power liftgate to open with the spare locked in the upright position.
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